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Discover what a typical work morning is like for the friends and any upcoming projects we will be undertaking

Our Working Mornings

Once a month the Friends meet at Millers Pond and undertake various tasks such as:
  • Clearing rubbish from the pond.Clearing overgrown vegetation.Making sure that pathways and the boardwalk are clear of vegetation.A litter pick-up.General tidying up where needed.
  • Brushing or hosing down paths during the summer months.

It would be wonderful if all visitors put their rubbish in the bins provided and cleaned up their dog's mess instead of leaving it to the dedicated regular visitors and dog owners who care about the park.

Future Projects

Here are some ideas that have been suggested for future projects:
  • Replacing the wooden fencing around the narrow part of the pond to prevent dogs getting on the island and disturbing the waterfowl.
  • Possibly making some duck housing for the island.
  • Tidy up the large island thus making it more waterfowl friendly.
  • Plant some established water plants around parts of the banks of the islands.

We always welcome any suggestions of future projects but these have to be reasonably small and something that FoMP members can undertake. Major work is the responsibility of Croydon Council.



Eric Molkenthin (Acting Chairman)

Tel. 020 8777 4113



no fishing WARNING
Millers Pond has strict NO FISHING regulations.
Anyone caught fishing will be reported and may be prosecuted.