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Have you visited Millers Pond lately? Maybe your a regular visitor? We would love to hear from you. Or maybe your dog would like to "Have their Woof!"

Brian Waters, Australia
"Hi, I was born at 30 Ash rd in 1934 and during the early war years spent a lot of time at Millers Pond and the surrounding area collecting shrapnel, until we were bombed out and moved to Bromley,I will always have good memories of the pond it looks much better now than when i knew it.Regards Brian."

Kiro, United States
This looks like a lovely place! I'm an animal lover and am happy to see the information on healthy food for the ducks, as well as how the aquatic life is effected by their diet. I was especially surprised to see you had wild parakeets... I thought only Australia had wild budgies.

Very very nice... More pictures of this pretty park and pond. I also heard there's a wonderful dog Freddie that loves to come here and play... Hi Freddie !"

Gerry White, United Kingdom
"My parents house in Shirley Way backed onto this pond. I lived there from 1936 until 1968 so have seen many changes. In the early days I remember the farm and cows on it. During the war years it was great for us children, we made rafts to use on it and also ice skated in many winters also with candles in jars at night to mark the skating tracks. All very good memories. I also Had a tall mast at the bottom of the garden with rigging and large square sailing, it was quite a land mark!!!! Happy times indeed.

Remember The "big" White House with the two smaller ponds fed by Millers Pond. We kids had the run of the area, many people left because of the bombing, V1's etc. There was an old orchard near The White House, great for scrumping if you weren't caught.

Thanks for bringing back the memories. I now live on the Shirley Hills."

Saul Penhallow, United Kingdom
"I have visited Millers Pond on few occasions and would love to help out with any odd jobs. I am 35 years old and have 3 boys aged 2 5 and 8 and live close by in West Wickham, I used to keep wildfowl as a child at my parents and kept some different breads including Mallard, Carolina, Mandarin, whistling duck, Tufted etc In facet this weekend we had a pair of Mandarin land in our neighbours pond and I am sure they are from Millers pond. "

Richard Humphrey, United Kingdom
"I have fond memories of Millers pond. I lived as a young child in Devonshire Way. I remember the winter of 1962 skating on the pond!"

Sophie Wilkins, United Kingdom
"Hi I enjoy taking my daughter to the pond most Sundays and remeber going there as a child. The website is very good informing me of the names of the ducks we meet so next time i can tell her all thier names. Im looking forward to the Summer Farye so she can have her face painted. "

Sarah, United Kingdom
"I heard that there is another pond that Millers Pond runs into but that now is in/near someones back garden. Also apparently our house is now built on what used to be an orchard."

Chris S, United Kingdom
"Visited Millers Pond for the first time since probably the sixties, when I came with my Father who lived at Spring Park House until just after the end of the war. The other ponds which were in the house grounds are also intriguing but are they accessible to the public? They are probably all that remains of the old property."

Jean T
"I visit Millers Pond quite often and it is good to see how well it is being cared for. There is often a 'Friend of MP' there keeping an eye, who is able to give the latest news of life in the park which makes the visit all the more enjoyable. Thank you for all your hard work."

Keith Whitham, United Kingdom
"This is a delightful website. You have communicated a serious purpose with great charm. Well done FoMPers!"



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Millers Pond has strict NO FISHING regulations.
Anyone caught fishing will be reported and may be prosecuted.