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Have Your Woof!

Are you a furry Friend from the Canine world? Do your owners bring you for walkies around the Pond? Your views are just as important to us!

Freddie Speaks

"Hi, I moved into Shirley at the end of November 2011 and was so excited when my new owners showed me Millers Pond. I go there nearly every day and enjoy the other dogs, birds and wild fowl that I have seen there. I can't wait for the spring and summer months when the park begins to get some more colour but I really do enjoy walking around and around the pond and sometimes even let my owners sit down and enjoy the serenity. Freddie (ILMP) I Love Millers Pond!!"

simba speaks

"Hi guys! I'm Simba, I'm a Cairn Terrier and I go for walkies every morning at Millers Pond! It's a great place to go with lots of green grass, trees and wildlife. I've met loads of friends there and see them most mornings whilst our owners chat. I'd recommend it to all the local canines!"

molly speaks

"Hello, I'm Molly and I am an English Sheepdog. I may be quite old and I may be quite slow, but I manage to walk faster when I spot a human I know! Although I'm bigger than a lot of the other dogs, I'm an old softy at heart, I lay patiently on the grass and watch the ducks stop and start. The humans are talking...and talking some more! Eventually I'll get to finish my walkies galore."

suzie speaks

"Hello - I'm Suzie, I go every day to Millers Pond with my mistress. I love it there, so much to see and somewhere to meet my friends. I've been taught to respect the ducks and geese and don't chase them. I'm getting old so I walk there and often ride home on the footplate of our scooter which humans find amusing - I don't know why!!"

kirsty speaks

"My name is Kirsty. I was born in a stud farm In Surrey 8 years ago. Given half a chance I would like to run after motor cycles. More recently I was diagnosed with with a tumour on my leg, I was operated on the next day, I am pleased to report it was a benign tumour. I do enjoy my walk around Millers Pond, there I can meet my pals Rosie, Sally - two of them, Simba, Freddie, Harry, Suzie, Barney, Milly, Marsie, Bobby, and probably more if my owner didn't have such a bad memory."

freddie speaks

"Hi my name is Freddie and I am a Shih Tzu. My favourite place for "walkies" is Millers Pond and my mum takes me there every morning. There's a big crowd of us that meet about 8 o'clock. My mum chats to her friends and me and my friends hang out together, chase each other and have loads of fun."

sally speaks

"When I was just a puppy, I went to Millers Pond.
I made a lot of friends there, and formed some special bonds.
My best friend there is Rosie, a bouncy Kerry Blue.
But Millie, Chilli and Poppy, are really good friends too.

Freddie, Harry and Bertie, the new kids on the block.
They like their rough and tumble, and sometimes try to shock.
Marcie's old and dignified, Daisy's very sweet.
Tilly runs the fastest, and Bobby gets under our feet.

Simba is an old hand, and so is Dougie too.
There's Harvey, Archie and Scruffy, to name but just a few.
Kirsty, Suzie, Holly, Socks and Barney 2.
Barney the 1st has passed away, and gone to pastures new.

We're not allowed to chase the ducks, to do so would be bad.
Ducks are fellow creatures, we mustn't make them sad.
Our owners are responsible, and always pick up poo.
They clear up all the litter, left by who knows who.

Our park should be a lovely place, clean and litter-free.
Lets all work towards it, and happy we shall be."



Eric Molkenthin (Acting Chairman)

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no fishing WARNING
Millers Pond has strict NO FISHING regulations.
Anyone caught fishing will be reported and may be prosecuted.